Don’t Rain on our Parade

Dear Member, Greetings from your committee


It’s hard to believe we are a year here in Singapore under restrictions that have changed how we connect, socialise and celebrate as the Irish Community. We have definitely made the most of it and have held some great events all enjoyed within the parameters of the restrictions of which we now know so well.


As March fast approaches we are now less than a month from our National Celebration and we here at St Patrick's Society Singapore think we should make our mark on St Patrick's Day 2021. While our thoughts are with those at home who are still locked down by this pandemic we think that our relative freedoms here will allow us to bring the community together is some small way to acknowledge the occasion and have some good old fun. 


The Plan
To ask our members, families, local clubs and associated societies to contribute a short video in groups of no more than 8 in the form of a parade.


What will this involve?
In a uniform way we will ask our participants to march into a landscape video – entering from the left. At this point you can wave, dance, jump, drive, cycle or perform any type of skill, trade or skit – before exiting on the right hand side.


What then – 
We plan to stitch all the videos together then that will then add up to become what will be the closest thing we will have to a St Patrick's Day Parade.


Things to Note – 
- Videos should be limited to around 30 seconds.
- Make each contribution a GREEN as possible.

- Submit Videos to the Society by Whatsapp or Email or Facebook Messenger by 08/03/2021 [details below]


We would love to give a really good representation of our community during these times so that we can send some good vibes back home and mark the occasion here as best we can.  Its an opportunity to have a bit of fun in coming together as best we can. 


Videos can be sent or questions asked via


whatsapp 97558931