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Annual Ball 2023
Raffle Information and Rules

In advance of our Annual Ball 2023, we are pleased to give you certain information about the raffle we will conduct on the night to raise funds for our appointed charity, HSCA Community Services.


Please pay special attention to the provisions in Rule 7 concerning the length of time which will be allowed for a winner to claim a prize.


In the below rules, we use the term 'lottery' to mean 'raffle'.


(i) St Patrick's Society, Singapore ("the Society") is the class licensee conducting the fundraiser lottery.


(ii) The lottery tickets will be drawn at 10:30pm on 17th March 2023 in the Island Ballroom of the Shangri-La Hotel, Orange Grove Road, Singapore during the evening of the Society's annual ball ("the Ball").

(iii) The lottery draw is open to the public to attend.  If you are not already attending the Ball but want to attend the lottery draw, please reach out to our Sponsorship lead, Sorcha Boyce, by email to and she will be happy to help make the arrangements.

(iv) The rules of the raffle and draw are as follows:

  1. Tickets will only be on sale at the Ball.  There are no advance sales.  Tickets can only be purchased in books of 5 tickets for a price of S$50 per book.  Ticket sales, once made, are final.  Payment for tickets shall be made by PayNow transfer to the Society's bank account (details of which will be made available at the Ball) or by cash.  The holder of a ticket shall be deemed conclusively to be the owner of that ticket for the purposes of determining allocation of prizes during the draw.

  2. Only tickets in respect of which cleared electronic or cash payments have been made will be included in the draw.

  3. Purchasers should retain tickets and hand over ticket book stubs to members of the Society's organising committee when those members ask for them during the Ball.

  4. Ticket book stubs will be split by the Society so that each ticket in the book stands a chance of being drawn on the night.

  5. Individual ticket stubs will be placed into a container and drawn at random to determine the winner of each prize.

  6. The prizes are as set out here ("the Prize List").  Allocation of the prizes is per the predetermined groups set out in the Prize List.  All prizes have been donated.  No prizes have been purchased.

  7. In the event a ticket stub is drawn on the night and the holder of the corresponding ticket does not make themselves known so as to claim that prize within a period of 1 minute starting with the moment the ticket announcer has finished reading out the number of the winning ticket, the prize will be considered an unclaimed prize, that ticket stub shall be removed from the draw and a new ticket stub shall be drawn.  The unclaimed prize shall be awarded to the holder of the ticket which corresponds to the freshly drawn ticket stub.  If necessary, this process will be repeated until the unclaimed prize is claimed by the holder of a winning ticket within the period of 1 minute.  For the avoidance of doubt, if the holder of a winning ticket should come forward after the time limit of 1 minute has expired but before the fresh ticket stub has been drawn, that person shall not be entitled to claim the prize.

  8. Prize winners will be notified that they have won a prize on the evening of the Ball.

  9. Details of prize winners will be published on the Society's website and by purchasing tickets ticket purchasers agree to have their names published there.

  10. All sale proceeds (without deduction of any expenses) will be passed to HSCA Community Services (UEN No: S97SS0023J), a charitable organisation with Institute of Public Character (IPC) status located in Singapore at 1 Geylang Lorong 23 Singapore 388352.

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