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Get to know your committee below. If you are interested in volunteering to be part of the committee or to help with events, please reach out through our contact us page.

Your Committee


Sorcha Boyce

Sorcha is our new St. Patrick's Society President for 2024. She joined the committee in 2023 and has stepped up to the big job this year. She's a 'retired' lawyer, working in legal technology here in Singapore.


Sorcha is originally from Naas in Co. Kildare and lived in London before Singapore. She's mum to two beautiful little boys with her Italian husband.


She joined the committee to have a group of sound Irish people she can tap into to fill her cup and feel close to home.

Sarah Dunne.jfif

Sarah is our Vice President having previously held the role of Society Secretary .


She's a teacher who hails from Trim, Co Meath (not Dublin as often has to correct!). She's been living in Singapore for over 3 years, having moved from Abu Dhabi.


Sarah's an active member of the Irish community in Singapore, participating in the Ireland Funds too.  She's a keen Gaelic footballer and can be found on the field with the Singapore Gaelic Lions at the weekends (by day, and in the pub with them by night!).

Vice President
Sarah Dunne


Ciarán Harron 

Ciarán is new to the committee in 2023 and has taken the role of our treasurer. 

He's originally from Strabane in Co Tyrone, but has lived in Singapore for the past 7 years. Prior to that he spent 20 years in Indonesia. 

Ciarán works in a technical sales role for a large European software provider. He's also just completed an MSc in Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health at King's College, London. Having had his head buried in books and scientific papers for the past two years, he's looking forward to getting out, connecting with people, and having a social life again!

In his spare time, he enjoys running, brewing beer (always a beer on offer!), and photography.

Jen profile pic.jpg

Jen McCarthy

Jen is our Society Secretary having joined the committee this year. Our resident rebel, she is of course from Cork. She's been in Singapore for 5 years with her husand and works as a Speech and Language Therapist. 

Like a lot of us Jen attended the ball and thought joining the committee would be a great way to meet people from our vibrant Irish community as well as to have a bit of fun. 

In her spare time you can find her in the gym trying to lift something heavy. But her strongest muscle is in her vocal cords - she can belt out a good tune like no other!

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-09 at 09.10_edited.jpg

Joy Flanagan

Joy is our outgoing St Patrick's Society President, having been in the role for 3 years. She's thankfully agreed to stay on as a committee member to ensure smooth running this year. As a mum to four children, she's a self-described glutton for punishment!


Joy hails from Thurles in Co Tipperary, a long way from Singapore where she's been for over 4 years. Prior to moving here she spent 7 years in Hong Kong so is a pro on expat living.


She originally joined the committee to nurture the connection to home, meet people and build friendships with people she instantly has something in common with. If that doesn't keep her busy enough she also manages to squeeze in running, swimming, coaching rugby with Centaurs and helping out with the Singapore Gaelic Lion Cubs! In her spare time, she works as a Senior Director for a major global bank. She is a wonder woman and the rock of the society.

Rachel Ashe.jpeg

Rachel Ashe

Rachel is our resident Dub, a crucial part of any Irish grouping. She joined the committee new in 2023 after 4 years living in Singapore (thanks Covid for the lack of opportunity!).


She brings a wealth of experience from her fundraising activites for Epilepsy Ireland, back home in the Big Smoke.


She's mum to the gorgeous 7 year old Max. She's a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) expert for a major recruitment firm.


In her spare time, she loves to socialise, keep fit and is a bit of a film and TV buff. She's partial to the odd Tayto crisp too!

Laura Piller_edited.jpg

Laura Piller

Laura joined the committee in 2023 and is back for another year. As a marketing professional by day, she's using her skills to keep all thing web and email for the Society in shape.


She's a Donegal woman, although sadly has lost the lovely lilt having spent 12 years in London before moving to Singapore. She's a mum to literal Irish twins, with her own 5 year old boy/girl combo.


Laura joined the committee to keep the connection with home, help others to do so to... and to try to get her accent back! In her spare time she enjoys HiiT training, socialising and travelling.

Paula profile pic_edited.jpg

Paula Kenneally

Paula is a fresh burst of energy to the St. Patrick's Society committee this year. She runs the Society's social pages keeping us all up to date on the latest activities.

Originally a Kilkenny cat, she's lived in Singapore for 7 years with her husband Patrick and dog Riley. Having been away from Ireland for over 12 years, she has a real appreciation for the value of Irish communities abroad. She was particularly inspired by the Society during and since COVID and wanted to get involved to help continue the good work. 


Paula's a busy woman outside of society life being a player and coach for SGL Ladies, sailing most weekends and not declining any sport-related invites! 

Noreen Snell.jpeg

Noreen Snell

Noreen moved to Singapore in 2008 and is married with two little girls.

She comes from Killarney, Co. Kerry but has lived longer out of Ireland than in! Prior to moving to Singapore she lived in Hong Kong, London and Tokyo.

Noreen is a certified yoga teacher and also enjoys running, traveling, reading and socialising (with an emphasis on talking) following an incident with the Blarney Stone in the 1980s!


Desmond Williams

Desmond has joined the committee in 2024. In his own words he's as green as the grass with Society involvement. 

Born in Dublin, he can also claim himself as a culchie having been raised on the west coast of Ireland in Co. Clare. He's been in Singapore for over 9 years. He got involved with the Society to get to know more people and contribute to this community. 

In his spare time he enjoys underwater photography, swimming and yoga. With his dulcet voice, he's definitely bringing some zen to the committee meetings.


Doireann MacLoughlin

Doireann joined the committee in 2024. New to Singapore, she hails from Galway orginally but has spent most of the last 14 years in the lovely Co Clare. 

She joined the committee in a bid to keep an Irish connection as she navigates life in Singapore and her job in a local hospital. 

In her spare time, Doireann loves to hike, coffee and practice yoga. She's also looking forward to exploring South East Asia.

AM profile pic.jpg

Ann Marie Murray

Ann Marie joined the committee in 2024. Born in Birmingham in the UK, her family moved to the green and red of Mayo when she was young. 

She moved to Singapore just under a year ago with her husband and 2 children. Having been born into the Irish diaspora she has seen first hand how important it is to be able to connect to the traditions and familiarity of Irish culture. From Dubai to Nairobi (and now Singapore), checking out the Irish scene is always the first thing she does. 

Ann Marie is a trained music therapist and in her spare time enjoys music, films and walking. 

Past Presidents

1925              Denis Santry

1947 - 1948   H P Bryson

1948 - 1949   Major General Dunlop CB, CBE

1949 - 1950   C L Edwards CBE

1950 - 1951   C L Edwards CBE

1951 - 1952   T P F McNeige OBE

1952 - 1953   General Sir Charles Keightley

1953 - 1954   Brigadier D Bluett OBE

1954 - 1955   Dr R J Grove White

1955 - 1956   Dr R H Bland OBE

1956 - 1957    Air Vice Marshall, The Earl of Bandon KBE, CD, DSO, OBE

1957 - 1958    Air Vice Marshall, The Earl of Bandon KBE, CD, DSO, OBE

1958 - 1959    Air Vice Marshall, The Earl of Bandon KBE, CD, DSO, OBE

1959 - 1960   Dennis Murphy DFC

1960 - 1961   Dr C B Wilson

1961 - 1962   Dr C B Wilson

1962 - 1963   Dr C B Wilson

1963 - 1964   Air Vice Marshall H J Maguire CB, DSO, OBE

1964 - 1965   N J S Thomson

1965 - 1966   N J S Thomson

1966 - 1967   L J L Acheson

1967 - 1968   A G Clarke

1968 - 1969   A G Clarke

1969 - 1970   P H Newman

1970 - 1971   J C D Nocher

1971 - 1972   Dr K F Weir

1972 - 1973   P J McCawley

1973 - 1974   W A Minniss

1974 - 1975   W M Vander Lee

1975 - 1976   Captain D MacLahlan

1976 - 1977   Fergus Healy

1977 - 1978   Pat Mulvaney

1978 - 1979   David Moody

1979 - 1980   David Moody

1980 - 1981   David Moody

1981 - 1982   Brendan Quirke

1982 - 1983   Colm O'Keefe

1983 - 1984   Marie Hearn

1984 - 1985   Frank Clarke

1985 - 1986   James Watson

1986 - 1987   Nathalia Barnard

1987 - 1988   John A Power

1988 - 1989   Ted O' Morchoe

1989 - 1990   Pete Sayers

1990 - 1991   John A Power

1991 - 1992   John A Power

1992 - 1993   Alice Dwyer

1993 - 1994   John A Power

1994 - 1995   John Byrne

1995 - 1996   Olive McCarthy

1996 - 1997   Olive McCarthy

1997 - 1998   Tony Elliott

1998 - 1999   Bill Timmins

1999 - 2000   Deirdre Dempster

2000 - 2001   Bill Timmins

2001 - 2002   Hazel Larkin

2002 - 2003   Brendan Finn

2003 - 2004   Tony Elliott

2004 - 2005   Patricia Van Putten

2005 - 2006   Majella Farrell

2006 - 2007   Jacquie Hourihane

2007 - 2008   Helen O'Neill

2008 - 2009   Teresa Ryan

2009 - 2010   Jacquie Hourihane

2010 - 2011   Helen O'Neill

2011 - 2012   Helen O'Neill

2012 - 2013   Jacquie Hourihane

2013 - 2014   Elizabeth McEneaney

2014 - 2015   Elizabeth McEneaney

2015 - 2016   Emma Gordon

2016 - 2017   Lorraine Houricane

2017 - 2018   Ruth Cawley

2018 - 2019   Tracy McMahon

2019 - 2020   Sinead Lynch

2020 - 2021   Joy Flanagan

2021 - 2022   Joy Flanagan

2022 - 2023   Joy Flanagan

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